Dragon Characters - Draconis Terrene

A few characters of my own original world, still working on a good name to be called!

Flavian Haruto, also known as Feng Aelius (alt. name), heir to the next Ruler in line. As a Prince to the Fire Tribe, he is immature and irresponsible for his actions, and doesn't take anything seriously as he only wants to go by his own way. As known in the Pure-Fire Tribe him and his kind are rebellious against the hybrid species of dragons.
Glaucia, likes to be called Claire, is a hybrid dragon herself. Having the ancestry of the water and air element dragons, she is known as an ice dragon. Cunning and mischievous, she'll get into trouble just to get to what she wants to accomplish, even if it means annoying the purebreds.
Poppy is a carefree, jolly kind of dragon. Being part air dragon and earth dragon, he ends being an odd-looking air element dragon. He's a hybrid too, but doesn't have any special hybrid elements, as earth and air aren't known to produce that sort of way.

June 23, 2017